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What's Beneath the Surface?

What if I told you that investing 5 mins in yourself

Could drastically alter your fate?

I came dangerously close to having a car accident.

And needing a 2-Hour tow home.

But I didn’t know it.

I used to go hiking in the summer.

One time I drove more than 90 minutes one-way for the experience.

My car gave me a warning jolt as I started my journey.

And I ignored it because stopping to look under the hood was inconvenient.

After all, I had already checked under the hood.

Sometime in the recent past.

That should have been good enough, I thought.

What a surprise I had 10 minutes before I returned home.

The car sputtered and stalled in the middle lane of a busy highway.

And as cars hurtled by and honked…

I questioned what to do to maintain my safety.

My first thought was to never admit that I had skipped regular maintenance.

Could you believe that?

As I arranged the tow, and the mechanic, it was important to me to avoid all response-ability for what had happened.

I did not want the stigma of a woman who can’t ‘handle her business’ attached to me.

So, I said << Cars get old >>

Or << But I just checked it the other day >>

Admitting that I had neglected to check under the hood was a necessary step in course correction.

The FIRST step

Was actively doing what was necessary to avoid that situation.

Consider what you are putting off in order to avoid discomfort.

This is the cause of everything you don’t want in your physical world.

And your current fate.

By not addressing what matters

You are not avoiding discomfort

You are prolonging it

And the full consequences for inaction are not yet in your field of view.

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