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Moving Forward: Envisioning the Future

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

What is your intention for your future?

Many things are transpiring in the world right now. It is actually very easy to get caught up in the perceived limitations of today. Once we solely focus on today, we can neglect to outline necessary actions for tomorrow.

Every day that passes takes us closer and closer to THE FUTURE. That special tomorrow will arrive much sooner than we expect.

While we are meeting our current challenges, let us remember that as difficult as they may feel, they are only single chapters in our lives. Each of us is meant for so much more wonder, joy, and success.

Over the last few days you have been harnessing your own power and resilience.

Give your attention to creating and building momentum that will help carry you into the future.

What do you want to experience in your life…

◾️ in the next 30 days?

◾️ in the next 2-3 months?

◾️ in the next year?

What is your game plan (mental, physical, etc.) to get from here to there?

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