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Time for Reflection

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

What is it all about?

Lately, we have seen a substantial disruption in work, school, healthcare, transportation, finances, social avenues, etc. Seemingly, the world changed in an instant.

This current circumstance is unique in that it has created a global pause. People in widespread communities now have an unprecedented opportunity to reflect on the trajectory of their lives.

What path were they on?

How conducive was this path for meeting their life purpose?

What is their life purpose or mission?

How can they still accomplish their plans?

When should they adjust their plans?

Human beings are brilliant at adapting and resolving challenges. In fact, we have been doing this very thing for millennia and we have managed to survive and, furthermore, thrive.

It is especially important to outline our intentions moving forward. After taking time to reflect on our goals and desires, we must set our intentions for the future that we want to experience.

How do your plans showcase your very adaptive and resilient nature?

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